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Max Brand

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Fredric Brown

Edgar Rice Burroughs

John Dickson Carr

M.E. Chaber

Erle Stanley Gardner

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A.A. Fair (E.S. Gardner)

Zane Grey

Brett Halliday

Frank Kane

Louis L'Amour

Ed McBain

Ellery Queen

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Luke Short

Rex Stout

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Harry Whittington




LiPs & DiDs

THE Gothic Cover




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The Rarest Genre


Here, gathered together for your enjoyment, are all the images in the BookScans database pertaining some favorite authors ... okay, okay ... MY favorite authors. Maybe they're yours, too.

The lists are not complete. The database is still missing some covers, but I think you'll enjoy what's here. Also, please keep in mind that the database does not go beyond the 1970's. Many of the authors presented here are still in print.


The "LiPs & DiDs" folder shows paperback and pulp covers featuring Ladies in Peril & Damsels in Distress.

"THE Gothic Cover" almost qualifies for "LiPs & DiDs," but not quite. It is, in fact, one of the oddest artistic phenomenon illustrated on the website.

"Lesbiana" is an immensely popular genre for vintage paperback collectors.

"Gay" -- The 1960's & 70's saw the emergence of male homosexual literature.

"MAD" contains books featuring craziness from the creators of MAD Magazine, dating back to 1954.

"Other Cover Themes" includes "Cookbooks," "Flying Saucers,"  "Presidents,"  "Nuclear Explosions,"  "Horizontal Layouts," and "Strategically-Placed Flora." All these cover themes were spotted and sorted by Bob Gaines.


Each of these "Genre Group" links will lead you to another page, which will explain the topic and provide a portal to the covers.


And ... THE RAREST GENRE. Can YOU guess what it is?

 (It makes sense if you think about it.)





















Updated April 2014