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Here, for your enjoyment, are the books and magazines from the BookScans database with covers that depict a woman in imminent danger of losing her life, her freedom or her virtue.

I found myself in peril of creating a monster with this section, and so I had to set some pretty strict standards.


Let me explain which damsels you will NOT find displayed in this section.




1) A woman who is already dead. She is way past the "peril" stage.

2) A woman who is distressed by love ... finding her man with another woman, for example, or being discovered in a compromising position.

3) A woman distressed by someone or something else, but who is not in danger herself ... most of these ladies are distraught because they've discovered a body.

4) A woman holding a gun. She can pretty well take care of herself.

5) Cartoons. Somehow, they're just not in the spirit of the thing.




The Digests and Sleaze publishers each have a distinctive persona.

And the Pulp Magazines, of course, are in a class by themselves. You'll be directed to another Index Page for those.

If I were to name a winner in this "Category," I would have to say that Popular Library was definitely the "Publisher Best in Show." That's due, at least in part, to the "Best LiPs & DiDs Artist": Rudolph Belarski. Well, that's MY opinion, anyway.




I hope you enjoy these. It was a lot of fun putting this section together.



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