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This is one of the most highly collectible and valuable genres from the Vintage era. I will present it here in two distinct parts.

The first page will cover all mainstream publishers, including digests. Authors of these books, for the most part, did a good job of addressing the subject; and some writers, such as Vin Packer, Ann Aldrich, Ann Bannon, Patricia Highsmith and Valerie Taylor wrote significant literary works based on the theme.

The word "Lesbian" was rarely used on the covers, unless the work was non-fiction, written by a psychiatrist. For those books, homosexuality was usually considered an abnormal psychological condition ... and perhaps one that could be cured with proper treatment. The covers of the novels, on the other hand, relied heavily on innuendo and euphemism. "The Third Sex," "Forbidden Urges," "Twilight Love" and "Unspoken Desires" were common phrases.

And then there were the "Adult Novels" (or Sleaze books in this section), which were a whole different ballgame. Of course, these were much more graphic, in language as well as illustration, and they tended to suggest the accusation of sin due to perverse desire, and the inevitability that some innocent girl would eventually succumb to such temptations.













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