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This category is difficult to define. There are some periodical publications that might be called "fanzines" that I have not placed in this folder. Illustration Magazine (published by Daniel Zimmer in St. Louis) is a prime example. Illustration details artists that go far beyond "pulps and paperbacks," and so I have placed that periodical in the "Artists" Reference Folder. Likewise, I have chosen to leave Paperback Parade (published by Gary Lovisi's Gryphon Publications in Brooklyn, NY) and some other fanzines in the "Collecting Vintage Paperbacks" Reference Folder. I will list such periodicals below. They will provide links to the appropriate pages in the BookScans Reference Library.

I have tried to include only "fanzines" that contain articles and informational content, and that are not simply anthologies of stories or pulp reprints. Many of the fanzines listed here were given to attendees at various conventions.

I would like to thank all contributors of scans for this section. In particular, Bob Gaines, from Circleville, OH, has scanned the vast collection of fanzines from his personal library.

If anyone would like to add information about any publisher or publication in this section, please email me. I would love to provide as many details as possible.


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Note: A few of these publications were done with high-quality materials, such as the one shown on this page above (from the Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention in Chicago). But most were very cheaply constructed. I have shown significant back-cover art, as well. However, sometimes the cheap covers became detached and lost. Also, some covers showed no artwork at all ... only a typed title. For those reasons, you might see a back cover without its corresponding front.













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