The Fabulous Faust Fan-zine


Darrell C. Richardson, editor and publisher, Covington, KY. 1948. Vol 1 No 1 was limited to 100 numbered copies. I'm not sure about the later issues. Each issue averaged about 60 pages. There were also "bonus items" inserted in the issues, including actual dust jackets from Dodd Mead, Harper Brothers, and others. Photos were pasted on some pages. One issue included a checklist of books, which I include below.

For an amateur fanzine, this one is really very good, especially for such an early one.

(This lot of fanzines was once a part of the collection of Victor Berch.)


Vol 1 NO 1

Vol 1 NO 1 insert

Vol 1 NO 1 insert

Vol 1 NO 2

Vol 1 NO 2 insert

Vol 1 NO 2 insert

Vol 1 NO 3

Vol 1 NO 3 insert

Vol 2 NO 1

Faust List 1

Faust List 2

Faust List 3

Faust List 4