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As the BookScans Database has grown, the necessity of consolidation became inevitable. There are simply too many publishers (especially in the 1960's & 70's) to list appropriately. In an effort to better serve those viewers looking for specific types of books, I've broken out this unique group.

It's been pointed out to me that Tempo printed some books meant for adult audiences. True, but it certainly started out with books oriented for kids and teens.

The folder "Others A-Z" includes: American Education Publishers, Golden Press, Lantern Press, Lantern Pocket Book, Tiger Beat, Value Books, Weekly Reader, Whitman, and many others.

I will be adding other publishers to this section in the future.


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See also:   Pocket Book, Jr. in the Pocket Book section.

And Comet in the Digests section.


The BookScans Database does not include images of books printed after 1979.




The scan of Lantern Press 75843 above is courtesy of Bob Gaines.













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