Update 39



TX250 through TX999


The images in the Updates are computer-sorted. I will put them all in proper sequence in their respective "Publishers' Folders" on the site. But here, for example, all of the Gold Medal "s" books will come after the "g" and "k" books, etc., rather than in strict order of publication (numerically).

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, all scans on this page were contributed by Rick Beckham.



TX252 back

TX256 back

TX258 back

TX259 back

TX260 (2nd)

TX260 back

TX261 back

TX262 back

TX265 back

TX268 back

TX269 back

TX270 back

TX271 (3rd)

TX273 back

TX274 back

TX278 (9th)

TX278 back

TX293 (3rd)

TX293 back

TX298 (13th)

TX298 back

TX300 (2nd)

TX300 back

TX302 (4th)

TX302 back

TX305 (3rd)

TX305 back

TX307 back

TX309 back


TX311 back

TX313 (7th)

TX313 back

TX315 back

TX316 back

TX318 (3rd)

TX318 back


TX319 back

TX321 back

TX322 (5th)

TX322 back

TX323 back

TX324 back

TX326 (2nd)

TX326 back

TX329 back

TX330 back

TX331 back

TX333 back

TX334 back

TX335 (3rd)

TX335 back


TX357 back

TX375 back

TX394 back

TX395 back

TX396 back

TX397 back

TX398 back

TX402 back

TX403 (5th)

TX403 back

TX406 back

TX412 back

TX422 back

TX434 back

TX442 back

TX447 back

TX448 back

TX449 back

TX450 (3rd)

TX450 back

TX451 back


TX452 back

TX452 (5th)

TX452 back


TX456 back

TX464 back

TX471 back

TX472 back

TX474 back

TX476 back

TX485 (4th)

TX485 back

TX486 back

TX512 back

TX527 back

TX528 back

TX536 back


TX538 back

TX539 back

TX542 back

TX547 back

TX554 back

TX557 back

TX561 back

TX563 back

TX565 back

TX571 back

TX575 back

TX577 back

TX582 back

TX587 back

TX591 (2nd)

TX591 back

TX596 back


TX598 back

TX601 back

TX602 back

TX609 back

TX613 back


TX616 back

TX623 back

TX624 back

TX634 back

TX635 back

TX644 back

TX644 (6th)

TX644 back

TX651 back

TX652 back

TX657 back

TX662 (3rd) back

TX662 (6th) back

TX666 (5th)

TX666 back

TX666 (7th)

TX666 back

TX666 back

TX667 back

TX671 back

TX672 back

TX678 back

TX687 back

TX690 back

TX691 back

TX702 back

TX708 back

TX733 back

TX737 back


TX738 back

TX741 (Teacher's Ed)

TX741 (Teacher's Ed) back


TX747 back

TX751 back

TX752 back

TX752 (5th)

TX752 back

TX757 back

TX764 back

TX771 back

TX777 back

TX781 back

TX784 back

TX785 back


TX787 back

TX796 (2nd)

TX796 back

TX801 back

TX815 back


TX825 back

TX826 back


TX829 (4th)

TX829 back

TX829 back

TX832 back

TX834 back


TX837 back

TX847 back


TX851 back

TX852 back

TX854 back

TX859 back

TX860 back

TX867 back

TX868 (Teacher's Ed)

TX868 (Teacher's Ed) back


TX868 back

TX877 (3rd)

TX877 back

TX894 back

TX903 back

TX913 back

TX915 back

TX919 back

TX922 back


TX926 back

TX926 (4th)

TX926 back

TX928 back

TX945 back

TX947 back

TX948 (3rd)

TX948 back

TX949 back

TX950 back

TX952 back

TX966 (Teacher's Ed) back

TX979 back


TX989 back

TX992 back

TX995 (3rd)

TX995 back

TX996 back

TX998 back


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