Update 39



T50 through T399


The images in the Updates are computer-sorted. I will put them all in proper sequence in their respective "Publishers' Folders" on the site. But here, for example, all of the Gold Medal "s" books will come after the "g" and "k" books, etc., rather than in strict order of publication (numerically).

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, all scans on this page were contributed by Rick Beckham.


T50 (7th)

T51 (2nd) (TAB)

T51 back

T52 (TAB)

T52 back

T53 (3rd)

T53 back

T54 (7th)

T54 back

T55 (2nd) (TAB)

T55 back

T56 (2nd) (TAB)

T56 back

T56 (7th) back

T57 (3rd)

T57 back

T58 (4th) (TAB) back

T59 (3rd) back

T60 (4th)

T60 back

T60 (12th) back

T62 (TAB)

T62 back

T63 (3rd) (TAB)

T63 back

T65 (TAB)

T65 back

T66 (6th)

T66 back

T67 (5th)

T67 back

T68 (8th)

T68 back

T69 (2nd)

T69 back

T70 (7th)

T70 back

T71 (TAB)

T71 back

T72 (TAB) back

T73 (2nd)

T73 back

T75 (2nd)

T75 back

T76 (8th)

T80 (6th) back

T81 (5th)

T81 back

T81 (9th)

T81 back

T82 (TAB)

T82 back

T83 (TAB)

T83 back

T84 (6th)

T84 back

T85 (TAB)

T85 back

T86 (2nd)

T86 back



T88 (TAB)

T88 back

T89 (6th) back

T90 (2nd)

T91 (17th)

T91 back

T92 (4th) (TAB)

T92 back

T92 (9th) back

T93 (2nd) (TAB)

T93 back

T94 (2nd) (TAB)

T94 back

T95 (3rd) (TAB)

T95 back

T96 (3rd)

T97 (6th)

T97 back

T98 (2nd) (TAB)

T98 back

T99 (8th)


T124 (2nd) back

T125 (TAB)

T125 back

T132 (2nd)

T132 back

T133 (TAB)

T133 back

T134 (4th)

T135 (TAB)

T135 back

T136 (4th)

T136 back

T139 (3rd)

T139 back

T140 (7th)

T140 back

T141 (5th)

T142 (3rd) (TAB)

T142 back

T142 (8th)

T142 back

T143 (7th)

T143 back

T144 (TAB)

T144 back

T145 (2nd) (TAB)

T145 back

T146 (4th)

T146 back

T147 (TAB)

T147 back

T149 (2nd)

T182 (5th)

T182 back

T183 (TAB)

T183 back

T185 (6th)

T185 back

T188 (3rd)

T189 (2nd)

T191 (6th)

T191 back

T192 (6th)

T192 back

T193 back

T196 (4th)

T196 back

T197 (2nd)

T197 back

T198 back

T200 (3rd)

T200 back

T210 (11th) back

T242 (2nd)

T242 back

T242 (6th) back



T250 (4th)

T250 back

T250 (7th) back

T253 (3rd)

T253 back

T254 back

T255 back

T257 (3rd)

T280 (4th) back

T290 (3rd)

T290 back

T290 (13th) back


T292 back

T299 (2nd)

T299 back


T320 (6th)

T320 back

T320 (10th) back


T340 back

T350 (5th)

T350 back


T350 back

T352 back


T353 back


T354 back

T355 (6th)

T356 back

T370 (5th)

T370 back

T380 back


T383 back

T383 (8th) back


T384 back

T385 (3rd)

T385 back

T386 (6th)

T386 back

T387 back

T388 (2nd)

T389 back

T390 (7th)

T390 back

T391 (4th)


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