BookScans Update 38


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880 scans added in June!


Many, many thanks to contributors of cover scans and information during the past four months:

Bill Jackson, Bill Taylor, Bob Gaines, Brian Anderson, Brian Maginnity, CA Kid, Dan Kurdilla, David Pelinka, Eden Thompson, Grant Thiessen, Gunnar Olsen, Harald Carlens, Hooked on Books, John Frick, Kenneth R. Johnson, Mick Cocksedge, Rick Beckham, Steve Ericson, Ted Bugg, Tom Daniels and Uilke Komrij.


How They're Sorted in This Update:

The images in the Updates are computer-sorted. I will put them all in proper sequence in their respective "Publishers' Folders" on the site. But here, all of the Gold Medal "s" books will come after the "g" and "k" books, etc., rather than in strict order of publication (numerically).



Many scans present in this Update have already been added to their individual Publishers' folders. I have recently updated: Avon, Crest, Graphic, Handi, Hillman, Lion, Mentor, Monarch, Scholastic and Sleaze.














Update 38 was created in June 2017.


It will be retained for one year and then deleted.