Update 37




Note: The Dark Other (Fantasy Publishing Company, Los Angeles, 1950) is not full digest sized. It's roughly the size of the older Handi books, but thick and very square. The covers are blank, and it is in a dust jacket.


The images in the Updates are computer-sorted. I will put them all in proper sequence in their respective "Publishers' Folders" on the site. But here, for example, all of the Gold Medal "s" books will come after the "g" and "k" books, etc., rather than in strict order of publication (numerically).


Carnival 945 - Courtesy of Steve Wallace

945 back - Courtesy of Steve Wallace

Fantasy (nn) (dj)

dj (front)

dj (back)

Fingerprint (nn) - Courtesy of Frank Motler

(nn) - Courtesy of Frank Motler

Novels Inc 2 - Courtesy of Mick Cocksedge


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