Who Killed Science Fiction?

Compleat & Unexpurgated














Edited by Earl Kemp. The Merry Blacksmith Press, West Warwick, RI, 2011. Trade paperback, 229 pages.

Please read the previous write-up by Bob Gaines.

As is the case with so many books that are extremely rare, sooner or later the call is answered and an affordable reprint comes out. I'm assuming the text is the same as the original issue. There is an updated forward and introduction.

 There are a lot of candid remarks here. For example, Kurt Vonnegut was obviously indignant about the entire concept and answered with a measure of disdain; but when his questionnaire was printed verbatim by the Spectator Amateur Press Society, he apologized and sent in an extremely thought-provoking paragraph or two.

I highly recommend this book.