The Visual Encyclopedia of Science Fiction


edited by Brian Ash



Harmony Books, New York. 1977. Heavy trade paperback. 352 pages. (7 X 10). This encyclopedia is almost too complex to describe. It covers just about every facet of science fiction, with much commentary by some of the biggest names in the field, including Aldiss, Anderson, Asimov, Ballard, Brunner, Bulmer, Clarke, del Rey, Farmer, Harrison, Leiber, Niven, Pohl, Roberts, Saxton, Sheckley, van Vogt, White, and Williamson. These authors introduce different sections of science fiction interest. The chapters have a great number of black-and-white and color illustrations from the pulps, paperbacks, and movies. There is a long illustrated time line of science fiction that covers almost seventy pages. The index is quite thorough and covers just about everything in the book. This book is best read in small chunks.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines