The Unknown Five





edited by D. R. Bensen





Pyramid Books, New York. (January 1964). Mass market paperback. 190 pages. (4¼ X 7¼). Illustrated by Edd Cartier and John Schoenherr. Introduction by D. R. B. Five longer stories from Unknown by Isaac Asimov, Cleve Cartmill, Theodore Sturgeon, Alfred Bester, and Jane Rice are presented. “The Hag Séleen” by Theodore Sturgeon and “Hell Is Forever” by Alfred Bester are two of the stories reprinted.




A Jove/HBJ Book, New York. (October 1978). Mass market paperback. 190 pages. (4¼ X 7). This was a reprinting of the Pyramid edition with a new cover and price.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines