The Official Price Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Collectibles

Third Edition


by Don and Maggie Thompson




The House of Collectibles, New York. June 1989. Trade paperback. 423 pages. (5ľ X 8). Introduction by the authors. The authors explain the scope of the book and how to use it. The guide shows you how to build a collection, how to maintain and store it, and how, if necessary, prepare your collection for sale. It covers the authors, their books, the magazines, comics, video tapes, and other assorted items connected with the field. Itís only partially a price guide of the items, since many books, paperbacks, and magazines have no value attached. Many black-and-white covers, with a section of nice color photos of collectibles. A nice book to have for basic information, but now totally out-of-date.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines