Lexikonder Science Fiction Literatur


by Hans Joachim Alpers, Werner Fuchs, Ronald M. Hahn, and Wolfgang Jeschke




Wilhelm Heyne Verlag GmbH, Munich, Germany, 1988. Very thick trade paperback. 1272 pages. (4 X 7). German language encyclopedia of science fiction.


Many photos of worldwide authors, with a writeup on their lives and writings. There are many articles by the authors on the history and development of science fiction. The authors provide ten pages of pseudonyms; some of which may be unknown to American readers. The book awards have a long section followed by a bibliography of science fiction authors and subjects. Next, there is a long section on series. It lists more than 1375 Perry Rhodan stories. If you can read German, you might like this book. That is, if you can find it.




Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines