A Handbook of Science Fiction and Fantasy


compiled by Donald H. Tuck


Donald H. Tuck, Hobart, Tasmania. January 1954. Mimeographed trade paperback. 151 pages. (8 X 12). Foreword by the author. Tuck was one of the original pioneers of science fiction bibliography. The present volume was self published and distributed through fannish dealers. Tuck was able to get much of the material from his own collection and a lot from his friends in other countries. The first part is an alphabetical index of books, magazines, and authors. The author gives a comment on many of the items. He also provides the contents of many of the collections and anthologies. Next, he provides a listing of the SF magazines and a magazine issue checklist. Appendix 3 is a pseudonym listing. Appendix 4 has a listing of connected stories, series, and sequels. Appendix 5 is a listing of pocket books and paper-covered items. A great deal of very obscure British and American paperbacks are on this listing. Finally, there is a listing of authors with their books. Tuck produced many indexes and they received better distribution over the years.




Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines