Double Your Pleasure: The Ace SF Double

by James A. Corrick

Gryphon Books, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2nd printing, 1991. Tall digest format, folded and stapled (like Paperback Parade). 86 pages. B&W illustrations throughout. Introduction by Donald A. Wollheim.

Bibliography of the Ace Science Fiction Double-Novels. The D, F, M, H and numbered series are all included here (but ONLY the sci-fi books). A 10-page history of the famous Ace Double concept, and its importance to the up-and-coming world of science fiction.

Entries include title, author, number, date, cover artist, whether a PBO, previous printing data, reprints by Ace (and other publishers), and other pertinent info. A nice bibliography.

This and other Gryphon publications can be obtained by following the Gryphon link on my "Links" page.