Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors

A Bibliography of First Printings of Their Fiction














by L.W. Currey. G.K. Hall & Company, Boston, MA. 1979. Hardcover, issued without jacket. Reddish brown boards, black lettering with gold stripes. 571 pages.

This scan was sent to me by collector Lawrence Person, who posts his collection HERE. As soon as I knew the book existed, I acquired a copy.

It is comprehensive, easy-to-use, and a wealth of knowledge. The book is arranged by author, with his or her books listed alphabetically by title. (I would like to have seen first books annotated, but you can't have everything. You can always look that up online, I guess.) Identification of first printings are discussed in each entry.

This really is a great book.

I should note that today, L.W. Currey is one of the foremost sellers of First Edition Fiction in the world. Click HERE.