Anatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction


by Neil Barron


R. R. Bowker Company, New York. 1976. Trade paperback. 471 pages. (6 X 9). Foreword by Peter Doiron. Preface by the author. Many academic contributors are listed. Introduction by the author. Each chapter is written by an authority in the field with a numbered bibliography for cross-reference. Subjects covered are: Science Fiction History, Anthologies, and Juvenile Science Fiction. Part II gives much information on research tools. A directory of publishers, an author index, and a title index is provided.


R. R. Bowker Company, New York. 1981. (Second Edition). Trade paperback. 724 pages. (6 X 9). Preface by the editor. Contributors include H. W. Hall, Maxim Jakubowski, Joe De Bolt, Franz Rottensteiner, and Francis J. Molson. Introduction by the editor. The contributors take a subject and do long essays followed by a bibliography. The items are number coded to allow for cross-reference. This title has many of the same subjects as the previous edition, with many additions and corrections. Foreign language science fiction is examined by country by a number of writers. Neil Barron, along with H. W. Hall and Marshall B. Tymn, handle the section on research aids. There is also a section of private collections of science fiction and a core collection checklist. Finally, there is an author and title index. An excellent academic reference work that needed to be updated every few years.



Scans and Commentary by Bob Gaines