Science Fiction of the Thirties



edited and with an introduction by Damon Knight

Avon Books, New York. March 1971. Trade paperback. 469 pages. (5ľ X 6). Foreword by the editor. Knight does a collection of stories that he believes were neglected gems. These were all from the 1930s and they include many names that the modern audience might not be familiar with; Robert H. Wilson, Frank K. Kelly, Howard P. Graham, Ph.D., A. Macfadyen, Jr., and W. K. Sonnemann. There are interesting stories by Murray Leinster, John W. Campbell, Jr., Frank Belknap Long, Jr., L. Sprague de Camp, and Lester del Rey. It depends on your frame of mind, so you may or may not like these stories. Knight does provide one of the shortest bibliography lists that Iíve seen; it only has six titles, but they are good ones.


Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines