The History of the Science Fiction Magazine

by Michael Ashley



Volume 1 (1926-1935). Henry Regnery Company,  1976. Trade sized paperback, 239 pages. Four B&W pages of cover illustrations. Ten stories from the earliest Science Fiction pulp magazines, including ones by Clifford D. Simak and Edmond Hamilton.  Appendices list all the stories by the featured authors and the magazines that printed them , plus those of ten other top storytellers of the day. The book also gives a complete listing of all the Sci Fi and Fantasy magazines of the period (there weren't that many).









Volume 2 (1936-1945). Henry Regnery Company, 1976. Trade sized paperback, 298 pages. Four B&W pages of cover illustrations. Ten more stories include those by Robert Bloch, Murray Leinster and Donald A. Wollheim. A larger group of appendices include listings of the ten featured authors' stories and magazines that published them, a list of all Sci Fi & Fantasy magazines printed, listing of the magazines' editors, and key cover artists.










Volume 3 (1946-1955). Contemporary Books, Inc, 1977. Trade sized paperback, 349 pages. Four B&W pages of  cover illustrations. Ten stories by Theodore Sturgeon, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Bradbury, Poul Anderson, Richard Matheson, Robert Sheckley and others. You'll find many of these stories in the vintage paperback anthologies of the 1950's. The appendices cover the same topics as Volume 2, but there are a lot more authors and magazines listed, of course, since this is the period when Science Fiction finally began coming into its own.