Men’s Adventure Magazines

 in Postwar America


(back cover)



by Max Allan Collins and George Hagenauer. Taschen, Cologne, Germany. 2008. Hardcover in dust jacket. 352 pages. (7 X 9). This is printed in French, German, and English. Beautiful cover paintings of all sorts of action scenes. They look like scenes from action films. Chapter 5: “A Bonfire in Hell for the Nazis’ Passion Slaves” was dropped from this edition. Also, Chapter 7: “Bury Me Alive in Hell’s Graveyard” and “The Man who Made the Nazis Sweat” were dropped. All illustrations seem to be in the right place, but were reduced somewhat. It appears that about 169 pages of illustrations and writing were eliminated from this edition. Buy the original printing from 2004.



(Scan and comments by Bob Gaines)