Magazines I Remember:

Some Pulps, Their Editors,

And What It Was Like To Write For Them


by Hugh B. Cave




Tattered Pages Press, Chicago, IL. March 1994. Trade paperback. 176 pages. (5˝ X 8˝). Most of the book is made up of correspondence from Cave to Carl Jacobi. Cave explains that the letters from Jacobi to him were destroyed in a fire. Cave was able to get copies of the letters sent to Jacobi from a friend who was looking after Jacobi’s affairs. Cave discusses quite a bit about writing and the field of pulp writing with Jacobi. Very few of the letters are from Jacobi to Cave. There are many title pages from the pulp magazines by Cave and other writers, and a number of cover reproductions. This book is similar to the one written by Frank Gruber where he explains how things were in pulp writing. Enjoyable reading for all pulp fans.




Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines