Index to the Weird Fiction Magazines

Index by Author


by T. G. L. Cockcroft

T. G. L. Cockcroft, Lower Hutt, New Zealand. September 1964. Booklet. 57-101 pages. (6ĺ X 9Ĺ). Cockcroft covers the magazines not covered by Donald Day in his Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1926-1950. Weird Tales, Strange Tales, The Thrill Book, Oriental Stories, The Magic Carpet, Strange Tales (English), and Golden Fleece are covered by author. This is arranged alphabetically by author and then by story title. All stories that are not from Weird Tales, are coded for magazine appearance. Pseudonyms are identified for cross-reference. Cockcroft does provide a section on story series and groups that I hadnít seen done before. Recommended, but long out-of-print in this edition.


Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines