The Good Old Stuff

13 Early Stories



by John D. MacDonald

edited by Martin H. Greenberg, Francis M. Nevins, Jr., Walter and Jean Shine

 Walter and Jean Shine. Harper & Row, Publishers, New York. 1982. Hardcover in dust jacket. 395 pages. (5¾ X 8½). Introduction by Francis M. Nevins, Jr. Author’s Foreword by John D. MacDonald. These were the early pulp stories of MacDonald before he found greater fame in the 1950s with his novels. The author tells how he chose the stories for this collection and admits that he made some minor changes before reprinting.



Harper & Row, Publishers, New York. 1982 (Book Club Edition). Hardcover in dust jacket. 303 pages. (5¾ X 8½). Reprint of the Harper & Row edition. (Cover identical to the original.)


Fawcett paperback (right).


Scans and Commentary by Bob Gaines