AmazingÔ Science Fiction Anthology


The Wild Years 1946-1955



edited by Martin H. Greenberg


Illustrations are by George Barr, Hank Jankus, and Paul Jaquays. TSR, Inc., Lake Geneva, WI. (July 1987). Mass market paperback. 320 pages. (4¼ X 7). Introduction by Robert Bloch. “Restricted Area” by Robert Sheckley and “Skirmish” by Clifford D. Simak are two stories from 1950 and 1953. H. Beam Piper, Ross Rocklynne, Philip K. Dick, and Ward Moore also have stories included. All three volumes are a nice selection of stories from the 1926-1955 period of AmazingÔ Science Fiction.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines