The Adventure House to Guide to the Pulps


by Doug Ellis, John Locke, and John Gunnison


Adventure House, Silver Spring, MD. 2000. Trade paperback. 336 pages. (8 X 11). Introduction by the authors. They do a brief history of the pulps, followed by a series of short articles on collecting, grading, preserving, and pricing your pulps. The listings are arranged alphabetically by pulp magazine title and try to show when each issue was published. The month designations run across the page and there is a rectangle below a month or months if an issue was published at that time. A black-and-white sample of each of the magazines runs across the top of the page. All types of pulps are presented in the listings. The authors give pertinent information on the titles having to do with publishers, title changes, and the source of their information. Samples of pulp art appear at various places. Nine pages of twenty covers each, appear at the end of the book. A bibliography of sources is provided.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines