Black Lizard Big Books















The book shown here is The Black Lizard Big Book of Locked-Room Mysteries, edited by Otto Penzler, Vintage Books (a division of Random House, LLC), New York. 2014. Oversized softcover.

It is, indeed, a big book. 941 pages. The cover price is $25, but most of the "Big Books" are available online for less.

Other book is the series (all edited by Penzler) are: The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, The Big Book of Ghost Stories, The Big Book of Adventure Stories, The Big Book of Black Mask Stories and The Big Book of The Pulps (which is mentioned elsewhere on this website).

It should be noted that there are modern stories included in this (and most) of the anthologies, along with stories going as far back as they can -- in this, to Poe. They're good books, and just right when you're looking for something to read at night.