Twenty-Five Years of Harlequin 1949-1974


Harlequin, Toronto, 1974. Paperback. About 100 pages. A few B&W cover illustrations, as well as pix of their most prolific authors. A "Silver Anniversary" list of all the Harlequin books. Simply a checklist. Keep in mind that before 1960 (about the 400-volume level) Harlequin was a general label that produced mysteries, westerns and adventure books, as well as some romances. After '60, romances became predominant.



Thirty Years of Harlequin:

The first 30 years of the world’s best romance fiction


Harlequin Books, New York. June 1979. (Second Printing). Mass market paperback. 287 pages. (4 X 6¾). Foreword from the President by W. L. Heisey. A couple of articles on the Harlequin company is provided. A chronological numbered listing of the Harlequin line by year follows. It covers from 1949 through 1978. The Harlequin Presents line covers 1973 through 1978. There follows an index of all of their authors showing which Harlequins they wrote. Then we have a brief article and photo on some of the authors Harlequin has presented. Each author tells about their life and how they got into writing. Finally, there is an alphabetical listing of all of titles published up through 1978. A valuable reference for the Harlequin fan, but very out-of-date.


(This Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines)