The Bantam Story

Twenty-Five Years of Paperback Publishing

by Clarence Petersen


1970, Bantam. Paperback, 118 pages. "Twenty-Five Years of Paperback Publishing." A short, concise history of the important publishing house. Tracks Ian Ballantine quickly through his Penguin years and then into Bantam, probably his greatest (but far from his last) accomplishment. The history is heavy on the 60's, and the last chapter lists hundreds of "books in print" as of the publishing date.


The Bantam Story:

Thirty Years of Paperback Publishing

by Clarence Petersen



Bantam Books, Inc., New York. December 1975. (Revised and Updated). Mass market paperback. 167 pages. (4 X 7). Foreword by the author. Updated history of Bantam Books. There is a listing of Bantam books in print as of December 1975 at the end of the book. The other paperback publishers should do this type of publication.

Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines