Paperback Prices and Checklist

by Graham Holroyd


2003, iGuide Media. Oversize paperback, 766 pages. B&W illustrations throughout. A few ads.  Over 40,000 entries. Lists printing dates and cover artists, when available. This is a BIG book! It's set up very much like Warren's guide (in fact, I think Warren is also connected with iGuide), but there are a few interesting differences. Holroyd lists two prices for each book, one for "Fine" grade books and one for "Very Good." The early part of the book includes, among other things, a list of booksellers who specialize in Vintage Paperbacks. He addresses the topic of 1st Edition Paperback Originals, and lists several of the more valuable ones, sometimes going into the 70's to do so. There is a well-spaced, easy to use Author index and ARTIST index in the back. This may be THE major paperback reference book for the next several years.