LaCour & Morgensen


(The following is an email from Gunnar Olsen, from Glostrup, Denmark, who sent the scan of the book)



Hello Bruce.


Attached is, just for the interest it may have for you, a scan of the cover of "Mordbogen". This book is listed in the reference part of the data-base as "The Murder Book".


It was a surprise for me, as I did not know it had been translated into English and published. I know it has been published in Sweden also, and perhaps in Norway.


Both authors are, as you may know, Danish, Mr. LaCour (1915-1993) being the foremost collector of mystery novels in Denmark, and also the expert on the subject. He has written quite a lot, and was advocating on a large scale for the acceptance of the crime-novel. He also worked as a translator and has edited several anthologies. Mr. Mogensen (1912-2002) has written on the history of Danish crime-novels.


Following the death of Mr. LaCour a large part of his collection has ended up at the University of Tulsa, and seems now to be part of the McFarlin Library, Special Collections Department, as the La Cour Collection.