The Executioner’s War Book


by Don Pendleton



Pinnacle Books, New York. May 1977. Mass market paperback. 201 pages. (4¼ X 7). The book opens with two letters to Pendleton and his replies. Foreword by Don Pendleton. Introduction by Stephen Mertz. Mike Newton provides an article on the Executioner’s adventures. The characters are presented in the next section with a brief writeup. There follows a section of the many weapons used by Mack Bolan. An article explains something about the Bolan character and how he operates. Pendleton provides a book for all the Executioner readers, and tries to answer all of the fan’s questions about Mack Bolan and his adventures. The book finishes with a series of letters and replies from the fans and Pendleton. For Executioner fans.




Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines