The Big Big Little Book Book



by Arnold T. Blumberg

Gemstone Publishing, Inc., Timonium, MD. December 2004. Trade paperback. 270 pages. (8 X 11). Acknowledgments and Letter From the Editor by Arnold T. Blumberg. The editor presents a large amount of history on Big Little Books and related companies. All of the books are arranged by character categories and the front cover, side panel, and back cover art is printed in full color. Each entry is identified by title, year, company, book number, page count, author, and artist. You will find just about every book even remotely described as a big little book listed here. This is not a price guide, but a photo-journal guide on the Big Little Books. A complete index will help you locate any item. Highly recommended for collectors of this type book.


Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines