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by John Harrison. Headpress, London. 2011. Trade sized paperback, 392 pages.

This is NOT connected with the periodical of the same name (presented elsewhere in this section of the BookScans Reference Library). The subject concerns American works published both in the U.S. and abroad. The author is Australian.

In my opinion, this is an extremely interesting book ... as far as it goes. There are several interviews, but some of them were previously published in other formats (at least the author gives credit where it is due). There ARE some original interviews ... of sorts. It's easy to tell, reading through one, that the questions and their responses were written (I'm guessing through email), rather than in a verbal discussion.

There are numerous "checklists" in the book (a particular author printed by a particular publisher, for example) but they're "Selected" checklists rather than "Complete" checklists. In other words, the checklists do not include ALL the data in the various fields represented.

There are brief bios on selected authors and cover artists, and there are short synopsizes of selected books.

Still, if the subject interests you, I recommend picking up a copy. The various chapters are entertaining and informative.