Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks















by Michael Daley & Johan Kugelberg. Boo-Hooray, New York. 2011. Oversized paperback. About 100 pages. Full color cover illustrations and photographs throughout.

Ed Wood, if you haven't guessed already, was a notoriously BAD producer of movies who financed his films by selling porn ... mostly paperbacks ... for various adult-only publishers. This book presents a list of his books in pictorial format, showing the various book covers.

The magic of it is (as far as I'm concerned) that Wood used a huge assortment of pseudonyms. And it's always fun to flip through a volume like this and recognize a book you might own, not realizing that it was Wood who penned it.

The authors did a good job of it ... BUT, when you're chronicling a writer like Wood, it's nigh impossible to find them all. I know that I own a couple of his books that were not included. Still, it's a great deal of fun, and I recommend getting it (if Wood interests you) while there are still copies available.