Who Goes There:

A Bibliographic Dictionary


compiled by James A. Rock



James A. Rock & Co., Publishers, Bloomington, IN. October 1979. Trade paperback. 202 pages. (9 X 12). Preface by the compiler. The author has a guide for using the index. This pseudonym index is different from most that are issued. The book is valuable, since it provides complete title information on the books written under pseudonyms. It also seems to list the ones under the authors real name. Magazine appearances are also covered. There is an index of names with the pseudonyms in bold and the real names printed in regular type. The author provides pages on collecting and features several paperback and magazine covers. The last few pages are covered by a long bibliography of sources. Itís not a perfect book, but I would like to see it updated and corrected.



Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines