Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler:

A Checklist and Bibliography of Their Paperback Appearances














Compiled by Gary Lovisi

Gryphon Books, Brooklyn, NY, 1994. 84 pages. Tall digest-sized paperback. Black & White illustrations throughout. This stated first printing has a blank white cover with black lettering. The cover shown is a thin, paper dust jacket.

Lovisi is the man behind Gryphon Books, and the editor of Paperback Parade magazine. Follow the link on my "Links" page to order any of the Gryphon publications in my reference section.

A short 3-page intro about Hammett and Chandler. All literary comments -- nothing biographical. Each of the writers' principal works is outlined. Listings feature both U.S. and overseas publishers. Lots of facts and some very germane comments. A nice little book.