Nightmare of Ecstasy

by Rudolf Grey

Feral House 1994. Trade sized paperback, 231 pages. 

Fabulous book about the life and times of Ed Wood, perhaps the worst director and writer of all time. So bad that his work is considered genius and the subject of cult following. Wood's books are highly collectible and include several adaptations of his movies. Contains some B&W cover reproductions of his book covers, as well as a bibliography of his works. The movie list is comprehensive but the list of his books continues to grow, largely due to his use of a multitude of pseudonyms.

(Commentary and scan by Fred Meyerriecks)







Nightmare of Ecstasy: The Life and Art of Edward D. Wood, Jr., by Rudolph Grey. Feral House, Los Angeles, CA. 1992. Trade paperback. 231 pages. (6 X 9). Introduction by Rudolph Grey. This appears to be the first edition as described by Fred Meyerriecks.

(Commentary and scan by Bob Gaines)