The Art of Alex Schomburg







by Jon Gustafson




Father Tree Press, Poughkeepsie, New York. (1986). Trade paperback. 108 pages. (8 X 11). Preface by Richard Pini. Foreword by the author. Introductions by Harlan Ellison. Introduction by Stan Lee. Appreciations by Vincent DiFate, Brian Aldiss, George Barr, Kelly Freas. Gustafson writes a short biography of Schomburg with the artist providing comments about his career. The book is a combination of his work in the forties for Timely (Marvel) and other publishers with covers for Captain America, Thrilling Comics, Marvel Comics, The Fighting Yank, and All Select. Later, he worked on Amazing, Fantastic, Satellite, and others. This is a very entertaining volume and is highly recommended.




Scan and Commentary by Bob Gaines