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Monarch was a relative latecomer to the paperback craze, and began distribution in 1958, just when many other softcover publishers were consolidating. It was part of Carlton Publications, and was run by Charles Hecklemann, who had come from Popular Library.

The cover art was was extremely good, and the themes of the books were dramatic, whether fiction or non-fiction. There were plenty of books that fit into the "Sleaze" category, and there were lots of paperback originals (PBO's). As a result, many Monarchs are especially collectible today.

Numbering ran unbroken from 101 to 563 (which was printed in 1965), and there is no special designation for differences in price.

There are also specially designated series:

"MA" (the Monarch American History series) & the "MB"  (the Monarch Human Behavior series) were interspersed numerically.

 The "MS" series (political science books), "MM" series (Monarch Movie books),  "K" series (biographies) and "SP" (Special) books for big current events, such as the Mercury missions, are in the last section (Lettered Books).

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Kenneth R. Johnson has added Monarch to his "Defunct Paperbacks" bibliography and index. I most strongly recommend it. Click HERE.








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