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Bogar_Chinatown Moll

Branch_Unwilling Virgin


Harragan_Bigamy Kiss

Harragan_Carney's Burlesque

Harragan_Carney's Burlesque p87

Harragan_Cuban Heel

Harragan_Dope Doll

Harragan_Kiss of the Damned

Harragan_Kiss of the Damned p20

Harragan_Queer Sisters p111

Harragan_Queer Sisters

Harragan_Side-Show Girl

Harragan_Sin is a Redhead

Harragan_Sin is a Redhead p10

Harragan_Smuggled Sin

Harragan_Three Bad Girls


Harragan _Shane Dame

Sherman_She Wanted Love p68

Stag Stripper