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Handi-Books appeared on the scene in 1941, and lasted for ten years. It was a product of Quinn Publishing, Kingston, NY (which would later publish "IF" magazine).

One of the real oddities about the earlier Handi-Books was their size. Smaller than digests, but certainly bigger than other mass market paperbacks, Handi sort of developed a format of their own. They were folded and stapled on the edge. After about the first 60, they transitioned to the regular mass market format. Several books were westerns, but there were only four that were designated "Handi Western" books in a separate series.

The earliest cover art was rather primitive, compared to standards of the day at other paperback houses, but that soon changed, and many later covers were very good.

First printings of the first seven books were unnumbered. Beginning with #8, they ran consecutively through 139. Several Handi's demand very high prices today.



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