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Century Books were printed in Chicago from 1945 through 1950. Numbering began with 10 and ran consecutively through 136.

The books were cheap pulp digests, but beginning late during the first year of publication, mass market paperback-sized books were also printed. After 1946, all books were paperback-sized. For some reason, the publisher put out very few books for the next few years. Only one was published in 1947, seven in 1948, six in 1949, and 15 during the last year.

All of the "sleaze" books generally sported distinctive images of individual alluring women (like the one shown on this page), and were smaller-sized volumes.

I have also included the "Prize Books," which were printed by Century. They were all smaller-format mass market books (not digests), and had the same type of female figure on the cover. (These are not to be confused with the various Prize digests ... such as Prize Mystery, Prize Love, etc, which were published by Crestwood.)







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