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Belmont was started in 1960 by the friendly folks at Archie Comics (which, believe it or not, was established in 1942 and is still around). They originally published Belmont Books in the standard (short) format, but transitioned to the tall paperback format within a year. It has been reported to me that there might also be some connection to Stanley Library, which published some adult titles a few years before (you can find some Stanley covers in the "Sleaze" section).

In 1969, Belmont was merged with Tower Publications (which had produced Midwood books -- also found in the "Sleaze" section), but they apparently didn't begin producing the "Belmont Tower" series until 1972.


NOTE: The numbering for this series of books is so unbelievably convoluted that I am forced to knowingly present them out of publishing sequence. Otherwise, you'd never be able to find the book you're looking for. I've tried to keep them in roughly the same order that most price guides use, though most of those guides do not include the 5-digit Belmont/ Tower books on the last two pages.



Grant Thiessen is a bookseller in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and owner of BOOKIT ( He has sent me information based on his observations of this publisher. He is careful to state that this info is through personal examination of individual books, and is accurate only as far as he knows. Here's what he has to say:

1. The first series began with 201 and went to 323. The first 246 lacked prefixes (although I have seen a later printing of 229 with a 92 prefix). #245 is actually 91-245. This series of numbers used 90, 91, and 92 prefixes.

2. The next series began with L501 and continued straight through to B50-859. All books whose last 3 digits are between 500 and 859 are part of this series. Prefixes include L, L92, 92, and B50.

3. In 1969, mmediately following this series (chronologically) is the 1000 series, beginning with 1001, and going through 1098. Prefixes include B50 (1005) B60, B75, B12 (1007, 1022, 1037, 1038, 1055, 2090 and 2187) and B95.

4. In 1970, it then jumps to 2001 and continues to 2194. Prefixes include B60, B75, B95.

Outside of the main sequence there were several separate sequences.

5. Beginning in 1965, a series began with 050 and continued through 91. Prefixes include 93, B60.

6. Beginning in 1964 a series began with 201 and ended with 233. It began with 94-201 and then used prefix B75.

7. Begining in 1967 a series began with 101 or 102 and ended with 108. Prefix of B95. I have seen 95-101 (shown below), but am not convinced it is part of this series, due to the 3-year gap between its publication and the publication of B95-102.

8. Belmont Classics had 2 titles as far as I can tell.

9. Beginning in 1975, another sequence of westerns began with 91-900 and ended with B45-907. Other than the first one, all had the B45 prefix.

10. Anomalies: Series begun but then aborted include X-201(1961), and 95-101 (1964). These do not belong in any series I have seen. I may also be wrong about 94-201 being part of sequence #6 above.

The earliest Belmont Tower I have seen is 1972. Granted, their dating is not the best, but with books that are actually dated, thatís the earliest Iíve seen. Belmont itself published into the very earliest days of 1972, with the last dozen or so in the Bxx-2000 series.

Very confusing, but not dissimilar to other publishers who used the first part of the number as a pricing mechanism.

- Grant













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