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Airmont (others)


New York - Started about 1962


Published by Thomas Bouregy & Company, primarily a lending library publisher, sometimes under the imprint Avalon Books.  With the exception of the Classics series, all the Airmont Books were reprints of Bouregy’s own hardcovers, issued without any additional payment to the authors.

Publishing new titles ended in 1964, with the exception of the Classics series. However, there were reprints of the books, keeping the same covers (with the exception of the price) issued through at least 1997. 

(info by Kenneth R. Johnson)


The "Airmont (others)" section includes the C, F, M, N, R, S, SF and W prefixes.


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Some of the Airmont reprints shown here were printed after 1979. This is a rare exception to my little rule that restricts images shown on the BookScans website to those produced before 1980. I'm allowing it only in this section due to an ongoing project.






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