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The first publisher to exclusively offer Science Fiction & Fantasy books, DAW was established in 1971 by Donald A. Wollheim (D. A. W.) and his wife, Elsie. Wollheim had originally started producing Sci Fi and Fantasy offerings as an editor with Avon, and then went on to become A.A. Wyn's president of Ace Books, where he turned that company into a major source of Science Fiction titles in the 1950's and 60's.

As you can see from the books listed in the database, many of the famous Sci Fi authors of the 1970's are represented here.

Today, the company remains a closely-held, relatively small publisher based in New York. Their new books are distributed by Penguin.

Note: DAW had sort of a weird numbering system -- they used two! And so, for instance, DAW #100 was also listed on the front cover as "UY1107."  I've listed them here by book NUMBER.


A further NOTE:

The BookScans database does not go beyond 1979.














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