The Later Tauchnitz Books




    4248 (1911)                 5333


5333 Dust Jacket












I've been unable to determine what year Albatross acquired Tauchnitz. Apparently, it was done in a series of events that didn't quite bring about a fully "sanctioned" merger. Normally, after Tauchnitz put itself up for sale, a simple acquisition would be the best solution. But, by 1934, the Nazi Party was gaining more and more popularity, and the concept that a company which was run by Jews was about to buy out one of the oldest publishers in Germany was unpalatable.

The familiar standard Tauchnitz format (top left), had been around since Christian Karl Bernhard, the 2nd Baron of Tauchnitz, began the "Collection of British Authors" series in 1841. Bernhard took great pride in the fact that he paid royalties to authors ... though he insisted that he was under no obligation to do so. That tradition was carried on at Albatross, but the slick, colorful books seemed to attract the best authors much more readily.

After the "sale" to Albatross, the two companies, hampered by Nazi regulations, seemed to do things slowly and carefully. The first thing to change, of course, was the format, which had proven so successful at Albatross. While the Tauchnitz production offices remained in Leipzig, their editorial offices joined with those of Albatross in Paris.

There were even a few "Tauchnitz Albatross" books printed that bore both names and colophons on the cover.